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People who already love themselves can increase their self-love. We are doing the best we can with the understanding, sensitivity, and knowledge we possess. Let go of beliefs that have been dictating our behaviour. It is unnecessary to become upset in order to clean a room. If an idea or a belief does not serve you, release it.
Exercise is to construct a list of everything your parents said was wrong with you. One customer's father's rage was the sole cause of his suffering. The feeling of inadequacy stems from being neglected and abandoned. As a youngster, what negative messages did you receive from family, teachers, friends, authority figures, and your church? Jot them all down, take your time, and be mindful of your emotions.
The concepts that must be eliminated from your consciousness are those that make you feel inadequate. When we attribute blame to someone else, we abdicate our own responsibility. For the sake of our freedom, we must acknowledge that our parents did the best they could with their knowledge. Understanding allows us to rise above the situation and take charge of our future. I believe that we are all travelling through eternity indefinitely.

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