Losing my Ryanair Virginity

It's finally happened! After many years of waiting I finally took the plunge and lost my Ryanair virginity!

My first ever Ryanair flight was between Venice and Fes. Which demonstrates perfectly the value and advantage of low cost carriers such as Ryanair and their ability to link secondary cities.

This Ryanair flight review - entitled Losing my Ryanair Virginity - covers the entire process from booking to checkin to boarding, the inflight experience and landing in Fes.

As this was my first Ryanair experience I ticked all the boxes and took all the optional extras. This gave me a flexible ticket, in person check-in, extra luggage and priority boarding and seating. I even pre-ordered my inflight meal!

So join me as I experience the very best that Ryanair has to offer on this Ryanair Flight Review.

Flight Date: 24 May 2022
Flight Number: FR5371
Flight Route: Venice Treviso, Italy to Fes, Morocco (TSF-FEZ)
Flight Duration: 2:54

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