LMIA | Canada Job Offer | Canada PR | FSW Draw | CEC | Express Entry | How to get LMIA | 2022 | Tips

Anyone who is looking to Immigrate To Canada or looking to Get Canada's work permit, LMIA and written Job offers are very important documents . In this video I have explained in details about LMIA procedures ( Labour Market Impact Assessment procedures) How employers in Canada apply and get LMIA approved, complete LMIA processing, how LMIA will help you to increase your CRS score, how your increased points will help you to improve your CRS points in express entry, How Dual intend LMIA helps you to apply for Canada PR and also get Canada's work permit. What are the expectations from Candian employer regarding temporary foreign workers, tips to find employers in Canada, we are also advising aspirant to Canada to get ready for employers interview regarding job placements in Canada. If you get additional points for arranged employments then you might able to get ITA under express entry system. We are also expecting to have lower CRS score in future but thats are only predictions for 2022. Anyone looking to get more advise or need to know more about Canada Immigration, please contact Connect Canada Immigration. We can help you to immigrate to Canada from India and other parts of the world. This video is only for guidance purpose, please refer IRCC website for more details.
Visit www.connectcanada.com for more details.
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