Livestream Webinar: The Unorthodox Manager

Technology is making work less and less personal, while the role of human capital grows more critical. Employees are facing new problems, and employers are still playing catch-up on diversity, inclusion, attracting talent, and supporting employees outside of work hours. Modern organizations are struggling at every level and in every department to focus more on the people that work there, even as they recognize the growing need and prioritize it.

The Unorthodox Manager introduces a wide-ranging managerial approach that will arm readers with outside-the-box principles that enable “boots on the ground” managers to build their own best methods given any circumstances, rather than strictly following corporate policies.

Through this webinar, IEEE Member and author Dan Clein, will provide an overview of the “The Unorthodox Manager" while sharing personal stories, lessons and secrets of managing modern multicultural teams that get things done.

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