First live predator catch of Season 2.
It Will be here for one week before going members only.

The MDF team conducts ongoing investigations to catch child predators seeking out children online using any apps necessary. In this episode, MDF meets 52 year old Derek Welch from Winston Salem, NC

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MDF is not making any claims of guilt in the videos presented here.
We are Journalists presenting facts as we have found them to make sure the public is aware of what's going on around them in this modern technological world.

Minor Defense Force is a “for-entertainment” business featuring social media delivered, documentary-style videos of real people, in real situations. We focus primarily on the discovering, conversing and “meeting” with adults who engage in predatory behavior towards children. We define this behavior as “adults pursuing children for the expressed purpose of engaging in illegal sexual acts, illegal transporting, solicitation for illegal purposes and the pursuit of pornography featuring minors.” The people featured in our content are real people, having real conversations and the footage depicts true events. Each word, picture, video, call and ultimately “meeting” is recorded and then handed over to the appropriate authorities.

Minor Defense Force is comprised of adult business associates and volunteers who aide in all aspects of Minor Defense Force content. All content, messages, pictures, videos and materials stemming from Minor Defense Force features adults who do so knowingly. We actively familiarize ourselves with current laws, keep an active dialogue with law enforcement and legal representatives, and purposefully work inside a legal framework consistent with our rights.

While we recognize the somber nature of our content, Minor Defense Force considers itself an entertainment entity above all else. All content, including future content, future series, merchandise, videos and offerings are specifically designed to engage audiences. We will create and distribute this content at our own discretion: including the ability to seek sponsorships, monetized content and the distribution of merchandise. We reserve the right to create content that best demonstrates our views while acknowledging the rights, safety and laws protecting anyone interacting with our “in person” representation.

Minor Defense Force is not responsible for any action, person(s) or incidents that transpire outside of the physical interactions contained within our content - and only to direct employees of Minor Defense Force.

Commentaries made during our content are the expressed opinions of Minor Defense Force. Claims of theoretical illegal activity can be verified with transcripts, videos, pictures and detailed materials and will be reviewed by local law enforcement.

Minor Defense Force does not “pick,” solicit, engage or target individuals. All predatory behaviors are initiated by the third party including: introductory messages and sexualized discussions. We do NOT initiate the contact or initiate sexual discussion between parties. All solicitors agree to “meet” with the intention of transporting a minor on their own will. All parties agreeing to meet, do so with the explicit understanding that a crime may be committed. The third party willingly participates in the theoretical sex crime by arriving at the predetermined destination, thereby establishing intent - often times to transport a minor to another location.

These scenarios (and others) are recognized as crimes as defined by federal and local laws. It is our intention to highlight these activities and deliver them in content form to an audience.
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