LIVE CHAT: Morphe/Forma Court Documents Tell MORE of the Story!

Let's dig deeper into these documents (and an audio file) that dropped on Thursday and Friday. There are over 100 dockets, but this is what I've noticed so far.

(I'm not a lawyer. I'm looking forward to seeing someone dig through these documents that has expertise in this area.)

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:32 Community Greeting
00:05:28 Top 50 Claims - Jeffree, James, and Jaclyn's millions and how they are different
00:14:02 Brands making a claim that they are owed money
00:15:40 Will store employees get paid?
00:18:11 Who is actually filing for bankruptcy?
00:22:30 What is happening with REM Beauty?
00:30:39 What's on my face?
00:34:35 Who is most likely to get paid?
00:41:39 Shelby Wilde from Playa Haircare
00:45:39 The debtor flow chart - How Money Moves in Forma
00:48:42 Freeform Chat - Brush Recommendations
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