Join us and lets discuss the extradition of #Bryan Kohberger in relation to the Idaho 4 murders of #Kaylee Goncalves , # Madison Mogen , #Xana Kernodle and #Ethan Chapin.
We will be live to discuss the extradition hearing taking place today in Pennsylvania. No camera's are allowed in the courtroom. Cameras are allowed in the court hallways etc. I will bring you all the coverage as it is available. Join us live !!
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It is said that once we leave the physical world, we can see all that happens here on earth. My Ancestors that have passed give me the answers and help me decipher what the cards have to say in any particular read. The cards can reveal what happened, why it happened, who is responsible, who was involved, where it happened and the secrets that surround the situation.
Join me in digging into these types of cases, and help me to get the word out regarding these Missing, Unsolved and Cold Cases.

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