Litigation After Concussion w Luis Quail | ACD - Ep. 128

In this episode with chat with personal injury attorney, Luis Quail about things to think about for an injury settlement regarding a concussion injury.

this conversation discusses the legal principles in Ontario Canada and things may be different in your area.  Also please note that this does not constitute legal advice and you should always check with a lawyer in your area to understand your rights.

Luis Quail is a founding partner of Quail Warfe Kreder LLP and practices personal injury, disability and employment law in Ontario, Canada. He began his career at a prominent insurance defence firm in Toronto, representing insurance companies in personal injury disputes. In 2015 he transitioned to representing plaintiffs at a personal injury and employment firm in downtown Toronto. Luis helped that firm grow from having 1 location and 3 lawyers in 2015, to 3 locations and 17 lawyers when he left in 2021.

He represents clients with an emphasis on educating them to make the best decision possible for their specific needs. He can be reached at:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 416-795-0683


0:01 - Intro
3:13 - How to know if you have a case?
9:01 - Do you recommend always speaking to a lawyer after an injury?
13:40 - What’s the legal process?
18:34 - What’s the time frame for the legal process
25:51 - Documentation
27:52 - Viewer Question - What if you fall on a slippery floor in a store?
30:13 - Viewer Question - Emotional and Psychological distress post injury (concussion)
40:04 - Accepted medical providers
42:55 - Is there anything that could weaken your case (ex: returning to work)
47:20 - How do you deal with the nocebo effect of dealing with lawyers during recovery
49:47 - Viewer Question - Independent medical assessments (near-physiological test)
52:16 - What’s the success rate for concussion cases?


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