LinkedIn Professional Pathways - Internship and Job Search

This workshop is being presented by Laurie Burruss, an Education Innovation Advisor for LinkedIn Learning. In this presentation, she will provide insider tools, tips and tricks to help students get the most out of this professional resource. Topics covered will include exploring the data and insights gained from understanding job postings; the recruiter’s view; integrating keywords that match the roles you seek; and learning to leverage LinkedIn as a component of setting professional goals, identifying skill gaps, and discovering the ways to evolve a career.

03:13 - Intro
13:23 - Build Your Brand
26:45 - Career Development on LinkedIn
37:03 - Job Search
42:11 - How Do Recruiters Use LinkedIn
49:06 - Career Development Resources and Q&A

About the Speaker:
Laurie Burruss is currently teaching Graduate Design at USC Roski School of Art & Design and is professor emeritus at Pasadena City College. Since 2009, she has consulted as the Education Innovation Advisor for LinkedIn Learning, particularly focused on integration and implementation for systems-wide online teaching and learning solutions. Laurie evangelizes all things education and learning as a thought leader and public speaker and writer. Before consulting, she served for 22 years as a professor in Interaction Design and as the director of the Pasadena City College Digital Media, serving the state of California as a regional resource for collaboration between education, industry, and the community. Her passion is digital storytelling.
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