Lindsay Ellis quits YouTube in pity party letter after eaten by her own, but still asks for money.

Lindsay Ellis, novelist and YouTuber was "canceled" (mocked on twitter) earlier this year, we recap her pity party letter on her paywalled patreon post, discuss why it's kind of ok to say she had it coming and laugh as she repeats the same behavior she bemoans not 6 hours before the letter goes live.

0:00 Explaining when Lindsay first canceled.
3:41 Reading Lindasy's pity party letter.
27:55 Why I think Lindsay is lying about leaving her patreon on
30:18 Lindsay is a hypocrite that does exactly what she moans about others doing to her
33:18 MovieBob, DSP and others chime in on the ordeal
39:30 My predictions for Lindsay, The year of the CHUD

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