Lincoln-Douglas - Nov-Dec 2021 - Right to Strike

Stand firm against oppressive opponents with these tips on the Nov-Dec LD resolution, and your labor will be rewarded.


Background 4:51
Definitions & Framing 26:17
Affirmative 45:54
Negative 1:04:51
Final Thoughts 1:26:55


NLRB, The Right to Strike:

European Public Service Union, factsheet on country-specific rules:

UN Int’l Covenant recognizing that RTS has conditions:

Ariel Cohen, on generic singulars and bare plurals:

Jorge Andres’ Garcia (2017), The Right to Strike as a Fundamental Human Right:

Morris & Bolesta (2019), intermittent strikes not protected:


Woojin Lim, Harvard Crimson (2019), general importance of RTS:

Diana Reddy, Yale Law Journal (2021), core case for broader RTS:

James Gray Pope (2004), right to strike is dramatically curtailed in US law:

Alex Gourevitch (2018), The Right to Strike: A Radical View:

Chris Rhomberg, Fordham University (2012), on repression of RTS in status quo:

Tom Vanheuvelen, Univ. of Illinois (2018), on weakened unions hurting wages for all:

Summary of Vanhuevelen for those without paywall access:

Cramton and others (1995), empirically, barring replacement of striking workers raises wages:

Alexander Hertel-Fernandez and others (2020), strike exposure raises support for labor:

Jelle Visser (2019), growing number of gig workers currently excluded from RTS:

James Brudney (2021), Right To Strike As Customary International Law:


Courtney Vinopal (Oct. 2021), on Italian anti-vaccine strikes:

George Reisman (2014), How Labor Unions Hurt Workers:

Richard Epstein, Hoover Inst. (2020), weaker unions are good for employment: ttps://

James Sherk, Heritage Foundation (2009), on union strength harming consumers and others:

International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) (2014), even unions agree with conditions (at p.95):

SCOTUS, Emporium Capwell Co. v. Western Addition (1975), wildcat strikes hurt union bargaining power:

Alan Farnham, ABC News, criminal charges against union organizers (2011):

Mlungisi Tenza, University of Kwazulu-Natal (2020), on frequency of violent strikes in South Africa:

Morgan Reynolds, Foundation for Economic Education (1983):

Int’l Labor Organization, barring strikes in emergencies:,P70002_HIER_LEVEL:3945663,2

Ramesh Aacharaya (2016), against doctor strikes:'_Strike_An_Ethical_Overview_with_Reference_to_the_Indian_Context (paywalled)

Labor Comm. on Racial and Econ. Justice (2016), racism in strikes and unions:

Estlund, Yale Law Jounal (2018), on automation in tension with labor unions:
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