LIMITLESS - ALPHA BRAIN and Mushroom Ground /Coffee with Lion's Mane 2nd Review on 22 Sept 2021.

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First of all I would like to inform everyone I am not being paid to do any of these reviews nor am I an employee related to any of their material being voiced about.

The purpose of this video is to see if the reviews from many of the critics match my new or current opinions of the vitamin supplements that I have ordered on line or bought in a well established grocery store outlet.

From my reviewed personal experience I do not purchase any vitamins from unknown distributors due to continuous misleading results from fake products being regenerated as the actual product.

Anything that I purchase from any establishment is carefully researched and I read through many "Reviews" from as many persons who have tried these products.

As I described, I usually boil water and either open the capsule into the hot cup of water or crush the hard vitamin then place the contents into a hot cup of boiled water.

At this time and as of this day I have taken multiple vitamin supplements over a period of 25 years with no adverse results. Nor have I every experienced any of the adverse symptoms that some reviewers have spoken about.

My conclusion is that these person are not adjusted to stronger than usual vitamin supplements and should stick with the more mild versions until their bodies adjust to any effects that they may have on their system.

Nicholas W. Shephard Sr.
Shephard Family Enterprise LLC - Business Administration and Information Systems Consultants.

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