Life Update: Quitting YouTube, Getting sick, Relocation, New Channel Name, New YouTube Channel, 1K

Life Update: Quitting YouTube, Getting sick, Relocation, Working. New Channel Name, New YouTube Channel, Hitting 1K Subbies, New iPhone 13 Pro Max

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Hi, my name is Valeen Oseh-Ovarah and I'm a Nigerian Educational Content Creator and Influencer based in the United States. I'm also a Cybersecurity Graduate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). On this channel, I share my experiences living in the USA and adjusting to the system. On the business side, I am an Academic, Productivity, Career Coach, and International Student Recruiter. I help aspiring and current International students achieve their Study Abroad Dream from #StartToFinish. I also connect Schools abroad and Leasing Agencies to connect to students and vice versa. Need my services? Shoot me an email.

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