Life Update "Job Search" Nov 14 2021

Quick life update: vlog 11/14/2021
SO..... Many of you know I work a fulltime job, and part-time supplemental jobs. (I am SO thankful for the blessings of employment). Over 7 year period I've been doing double/triple work, and I've made the decision to return to my career field, in it's entirety/all-inclusive. It is not a secret, although early discretion and other details (such as what made me decide to return 'in full' to my career) must remain in-tact for the time being. I'm ready for the next adventure!!!! I find zero reason why I should not post this and give you an update on why I've been off Youtube for about 4 weeks. These decisions have been well-thought out. They are both proper and logical : )

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