Leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow your business | Jackie Hermes, CEO Accelity

Jackie, CEO of Accelity Marketing, has signed more than a million dollars in contracts from leads that come from LinkedIn where she has 89K+ connections.

In this episode, we’ll find out her strategies for customer acquisition and lead gen and everything that worked for her 7 figures bootstrapped business.

00:00 Intro
02:00 Switching from a 9to5 job to entrepreneurship
04:59 Selling the first business to save it
06:13 Starting and building a SaaS
08:13 Not focusing on the ICP
09:43 Getting the first employees
12:52 Find best freelancers
14:14 Hiring challenges and learnings
18:43 Hard moment while building the business
23:45 Hard times with the clients
26:30 Company’s values
28:00 The advantage of having a business coach
35:42 Being a bootstrapped entrepreneur
36:39 Key growth strategies
38:28 Pricing strategy
42:49 2022 plans
47:07 Fav’ business books

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