Level1 News January 19 2022: It Ain't Easy Being Green


0:00 - Intro
0:58 - Google Had Secret Project to ‘Convince’ Employees ‘That Unions Suck’
3:07 - Canon Forced to Tell Printer Users How to Break DRM
4:27 - The PC market just had another big year thanks to pandemic demand
5:09 - PCI Express 6.0 Specification Finalized: x16 Slots to Reach 128GBps
6:38 - UltraRAM Breakthrough Brings New Memory and Storage Tech to Silicon
8:33 - Microsoft Hires Key Apple Engineer to Work on Custom Chips
10:44 - Linux Mint sells out for Mozilla money -- Google becomes default search in Firefox
13:58 - The GMC Hummer EV Could Pop Wheelies Before Engineers Intervened
15:05 - Prairie Tesla owners battle loss of heat amid extreme cold weather after software update
18:34 - Tesla delays Cybertruck to early 2023, says report
20:07 - Green texts in iMessages nudge teens to use iPhones
20:56 - After ruining Android messaging, Google says iMessage is too powerful
22:32 - The Associated Press is starting its own NFT marketplace for photojournalism
25:15 - Xbox players are fed up with forced crossplay against PC gamers
26:49 - Wordle clones yanked from Apple’s App Store
28:27 - Game maker says Apple, Google selling rip-offs in new lawsuit
29:29 - Fortnite Finally Back On iOS Via Nvidia GeForce Now Streaming
30:36 - Bitcoin slips under the $40,000 mark
31:26 - Apple submits plans to allow alternative payment systems in S.Korea
33:33 - Panasonic to Offer Four-Day Workweek in Japan
37:20 - China Tutoring Cutdown Led New Oriental Education to Fire 60,000


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