Level1 News February 1 2022: Fly Like An Elon, With No Privacy



0:00 - Intro
8:16 - US threatens use of novel export control to damage Russia’s strategic industries if Moscow invades Ukraine
9:38 - DHS warns of Russian cyberattack on US if it responds to Ukraine invasion
10:26 - White House clamps down on federal cybersecurity after big hacks
12:17 - Will the chip shortage end soon? Biden's team has bad news
13:22 - FCC proposal would curb ISP lock-ins at apartment complexes
14:39 - FCC approves internet "nutrition label" proposal
15:52 - FCC ejects China Unicom from US markets on espionage fears
17:21 - Epic vs. Apple Takes a Twist As 35 US States and Department of Justice Weigh in to Back 'Fortnite' Maker
18:46 - Prosecutors drop charges against Gang Chen, MIT professor accused of hiding ties to China
21:25 - Government demands to remove Twitter content hit record high
22:53 - ‘Sold by Amazon’ program shut down after WA attorney general’s antitrust investigation
25:43 - Amazon Activist’s Firing Deemed Illegal by Labor Board Officials
26:52 - Julian Assange wins right to seek appeal against extradition to the US
28:13 - European parliament adopts draft of Digital Services Act
29:18 - EU court annuls Intel's 2009 billion euro antitrust fine
32:07 - Drop bitcoin as legal tender, IMF urges El Salvador
32:46 - El Salvador Buys The Dip, Acquires 410 Bitcoin
33:21 - Apple fined $5.6M after Dutch dating app antitrust order
33:52 - N.Korean internet downed by suspected cyber attacks
35:14 - Indonesia bans some crypto trading and sales
36:11 - Amazon ends widely mocked scheme that turned workers into Twitter “ambassadors”
37:30 - Facebook-backed Diem Association may be close to dissolving
38:48 - Facebook’s plan to offer free internet in developing countries ended up costing users, WSJ reports
41:27 - YouTube CEO hints at potential NFT features
42:24 - 40 People Arrested For Alleged Twitch Money Laundering Scheme
44:29 - Twitter suspends Wordle-ruining bot
46:12 - Australia: Scott Morrison's WeChat account has been taken down
47:27 - 'Female-only' app Giggle is slammed for discriminating against trans women and women of colour
49:16 - Elon Musk offered $5k to remove a bot tracking his flights
51:57 - r/antiwork subreddit goes dark after Fox News interview


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