Let's Talk About No More Heroes

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Fresh off of dealing with psychotic killers, Noah Campbell, Ranked 69th in the U.A.A., piles some more on his plate when he heads down to Santa Destroy. Come for a one way ticket to Paradise stay for the bloodshed, but is Noah bloodthirsty enough to rent out a room at No More Heroes? Or is he better off jumping town?

There's two things I forgot to include in the gameplay section. After you beat each boss, you do get a health upgrade different from the one you buy at Thunder Ryu and for two, a weapon part to give to Naomi. Likewise, Travis does have a guard point/parry technique that is capable of instant-killing foes, but like Ground Death Blows or Wrestling Moves it doesn't spin the Slash Reel.


0:00:00 (Light Musings on No More Heroes and killer7)

0:01:08 (History: Catch 51: The Goichi Suda Case)

0:17:58 (Story Recap: Paradise or Bust)

0:28:51 (Story Analysis: In the Garden of Madness)

0:38:24 (Presentation: The Usual Suda51 Flair)

0:47:30 (Gameplay: Mowing Lawns and Chopping Heads)

0:55:15 (Good: A Vicious Cycle)

1:02:54 (Bad: Tumbling Down the Spiral)

1:06:49 (Overall: Check Yourself In)

1:07:41 (Afterword and Hint)





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