Let's Talk About: A Pandemic Community Form

Community residents and speakers Dr. Julia Koehler, MD, Boston Children's Hospital -Dr. Julia Goldberg Raifman, MD, Boston University School of Public Health -Nicole Monique Beede, Community Organizer, and Development Associate at Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters & Skip the Small Talk BIPOC Facilitator -Ed Childs, Labor Organizer, UniteHERE-Felix Jordan, Community Organizer, Boston Center for Independent Living-Gabriela Cartagena, Community Organizer, City Life Vida Urbana discuss the impact of COVID-19 pandemic has had on health disparities and food access. Speakers and community members used this space to respond that the state will no longer be providing free PPE to residents (in addition to vaccination and testing sites closing across the city) though community members continue to ask for masks, soap, and hand sanitizer.
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