Lets Play Encased Part 12 - Full Release

Back to Encased.

Backed this game on kickstarter and now it's finally out. Let's see what it is about.

You can get Encased on GOG here : https://www.gog.com/game/encased_a_scifi_postapocalyptic_rpg


A classic isometric RPG set in a dystopian enviroment allowing you to fight enemies, explore the hostile wasteland, level up your character and join one of the forces in the ruined world that survived through the horrific Incident, isolated from the rest of the world.

Start the game in one of the five divisions of the CRONUS Corporation — Wings, each with its own features, mechanics, and game options.
Go on a one way trip under the Dome from which you cannot return. Avoid radiation and anomalies, fight mutated animals and search for unique artifacts.

Start the game as an ordinary company employee and become the driving force behind the story that takes place before, during, and after the disaster that became known as the Incident.

After getting familiar with the world, dive into an open world full of freedom and danger. The old order is gone, now five powerful factions rule over the wasteland. Join one of them or be a lone wolf. Change the future of the Dome and its inhabitants or go your own way.

Threaten your enemies out of battle: persuade important people to give you favors. Don't have charisma for that? Then bribe them! Encased story is deep, each quest can be completed differently, depending on your stats and choices and those choices will really matter in the end, thanks to multiple game endings. Kill everyone, be a pacifist or choose anything in-between, the game will adapt to your playstyle.

Level up your own unique character: will you specialise in stealth, melee combat, sniper rifles, psionics or diplomacy? Will you be a lone wolf or a party leader? Or maybe even try to play through the game as low intellect hero? It's all up to you.
Go on a journey and learn dozens of useful abilities like hacking, mechanics, thieving or even driving. Study relics to reveal technological secrets of the Dome and then explore the lands, finding new places, anomalies and rivals. Not all of them will be humans, by the way.

Make difficult decisions: steal, assasinate or help despite any concequences. Build your reputations with one faction or try to please them all, but remember that sometimes compromises are impossible.

Repair and craft: forge robotic armor — Servoshell, build unique guns and upgrade them. Maybe even cook something. After all, you can't survive on an empty stomach.


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OBS Studio
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