Let's Build an App! | Employee Schedule with IntelliJ & SceneBuilder p. 1

Hey guys! This week, I thought it'd be fun to build something that may be useful if you are a student or needing to know how to do certain things. We will be building a schedule app in Java, using IntelliJ and SceneBuilder. Hope you enjoy!

PATH_TO_FX Documentation:

00:00 - Intro
00:30 - Let the Coding Begin
00:51 - How to Start a New IntelliJ Project
03:19 - What is Model View Controller Architecture?
06:13 - Path to FX VM options
08:55 - How to Auto Import in IntelliJ
09:45 - Setup MVC Project
15:19 - How to Auto Generate Constructors, Getters & Setters in IntelliJ
17:45 - Switch Between Scenes/ Stages in IntelliJ
21:18 - How to Use SceneBuilder Overview
29:00 - How to Manually Import in IntelliJ
35:36 - How to Open SceneBuilder in IntelliJ
40:37 - How to Call a Method from a Different Class
47:50 - How to Find Resource Path in IntelliJ
48:43 - How to Make an Exit App Button
51:38 - Setup Main Method
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