Lessons You Will Have to Learn When Starting a Legal Business

How do we get acquainted with the business side where it should be things like accounting and so forth.

So that's a good question. So the first thing that I did when I started BCG is my first employee, believe it or not, who was a bookkeeper. Because I knew that if I didn't have a bookkeeper, I need all this information to run a business.

And so you need to have some sort of bookkeeper, like a lot of, depending on where you live, most people can get a bookkeeper to come in for a couple of days a week and or one day a week or a few hours a week, or some, a lot of times local accounting firms will have bookkeeping services that are done locally and that sort of thing.

For the business side, like things like accounting and things, you don't need to know anything about it. But you do need to have people doing it for you because you do need to be keeping books and records. And for any business, you need that. And so bookkeepers are all different rates and things, but you need a bookkeeper.

At some point, even if it's just a few hours a week or however it's done, or you're saving all your receipts and giving them to someone in a. You don't and then when you start getting employees and you need to have a payroll service, which is like Paychex or something that because you need to withhold taxes and pay taxes.

And so that's, so a lot of times you're better off using outside companies to do it. Those sorts of things. Now the business side of that, you have other aspects of the things marketing and client development. And those are things that you need to learn on your own.

But the problem, when you start your own business is there are people lined up like the line is, miles long, and people that are going to promise you the world and take your money. There are marketing people that will take your money and not deliver there. Some accountants will take your money and not deliver Some employees will take your money and not deliver.

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