Less Surgery When Worker's Comp Injuries Start Care With The Right Provider

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Less Surgery When Worker's Comp Injuries Start Care With The Right Provider

This one can change lives for injured workers in Amarillo, TX
We don't always think that it matters much when it comes to choosing which provider we are going to start care with when we get hurt. Most doctors know their stuff and do what they can to prevent more invasive procedures like surgeries. Right?

It turns out that is not necessarily so according to the State of Washington (1). This research can not be discounted as biased chiropractors doing their own research to prove a point. Absolutely not. As mentioned, this is from the State of Washington statistics for their injured workers. They wanted to know if there were early predictors that could tell whether or not an injured worker would go on to have spinal surgery or not. Specifically, they wanted to find out if an injured worker would go on to have spinal surgery in the next three years following their injury.

They point out that back injuries are the most prevalent occupational injury in the US. I will add that low back pain is the leading cause of disability globally. In addition to that, low back pain is overall more expensive and costs more globally than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease treatment COMBINED.

Think of the expense to treat each of those and then combine it to arrive at the cost of low back pain. Wow! The point is that low back pain is a big deal and if the right pathway into the healthcare system can be determined, then that would be worth pursuing.

In this particular study of Washington State workers, through studying 1,885 injured workers, they determined that when a worker chose to see a surgeon first ended up having surgery 42.7% of the time. That's almost HALF of them!!!

On the other hand, of those that chose to treat with a chiropractor first, only 1.5% went on to have surgery in the next three years.

42.7% who saw a surgeon first vs. 1.5% who saw a chiropractor first had surgery.
I would say that is a HUGE difference, a BIG deal, and news worth sharing with others.

Here at Creek Stone Integrated Medical, we have a double board-certified (Orthopedics & Forensics) chiropractor, we h....
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