Learn Oracle Visual Builder (VBCS) from scratch | Full Course | For Beginners | Part 1

Learn Oracle Visual Builder (VBCS) from scratch | Full Course | For Beginners | Part 1 from the VBCS full course series

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▬▬▬▬▬ TABLE OF CONTENT ▬▬▬▬▬
--- Section 01 --- Introduction to Visual Builder
0:00:04 - Course Introduction
0:04:34 - Visual Builder documentation and resources (community page, YouTube, blogs,..etc)
0:08:48 - Overview of Web Based designer / development environment
0:14:48 - Overview of terminologies and navigation for a Web Application

--- Section 02 ---( Optional) Provisioning Visual Builder instance
0:21:16 - (Optional) With Visual Builder Studio
0:31:39 - (Optional) With Oracle Integration

--- Section 03 --- Learn VBCS by building Employee search page
0:36:36 - Create a new Visual Builder application
0:40:30 - Create Business Objects and relationships
0:49:47 - Create Business Objects with Business Diagram
0:54:18 - Create collapsible layout with oj-collapsible element
0:59:21 - Adding fields to accept search parameters within form layout
01:18:37 - Make input field as required and also mark with * symbol
01:19:58 - Add table component to display employee data with basic filter criteria in SDP
01:24:16 - Accepting search criteria from user and filtering employee records in table
01:33:42 - Create JavaScript function to build query parameter for filter criteria
01:41:10 - Modify JavaScript and reset SDP variable
01:44:11 - Add loading pop-up screen with progress bar to a web page
01:50:32 - Modify table column and make field as hyperlink and disable column sortable
01:56:21 - Add dialog to display more details for an employee on click on hyperlink
02:12:13 - (Assignment) Add 2 more fields in dialog and add margin at top of table
02:14:13 - Export data to a CSV file on click of button
02:21:50 - Overview on Shell Page (Root Page) and fragments
02:30:20 - Add Company logo and modify company name in web page header
02:36:45 - Modify button in header and route to YouTube / Google / Web in shell page
02:47:38 - Modify web page footer section
02:51:49 - Stage and Publish Web Application, get live URL
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