Learn ASP.NET Web API - Just in 2 hours watch | RESTful Web API 2 Full Course with code example

This video is about to complete asp.net web api tutorial course for Beginners to experts just in 2 hours, here you will learn all required concepts of restful web API like create first project, IHttpActionResult, Filters, Routing, Different HTTP Verbs, Content Negotiation,Parameter Bindings, Exception handlings techniques, basic Authentication and Token Based Authentications etc.

0:00 Introduction to Web API : What is RESTful Web Services and how different from MVC?
6:39 Creating First Project using HttpResponseMessage and IHttpActionResult : HttpResponseMessage Vs IHttpActionResult
13:20 Filters in asp.net Web APIs with Examples
25:45 Routing in ASP.NET Web APIs: Convention Based Routing and Attribute Based Routing with code Example
36:00 What is Route Prefix in asp.net web API ?, How to override route Prefix?
43:27 Route Constraint in asp.net web API? Routing Constraint in web api with Attribute based routing and convention based routing
53:27 Implementing Custom Routing in web API, why we need Custom routing in web api?
01:03 Content Negotiation in asp.net web API: what is content negotiation in web api with code example?
01:08 HTTP Verbs in Web API: what is http verb and types in Web API ? HTTP Put Vs HTTP Patch
01:15 Parameter Bindings in asp.net web API? :From Body and From URI Parameters
01:21 Camel casing and Pascal Casing in asp.net web API with code examples: what is use of Camel and Pascal Casing?
01:26 Exception Handling in Web APIs :Simply explained with Example:HttpError, HttpResponseException and Global Error handling
01:33 Implementing HTTPError and HTTPResponseException handling in web api : code example
01:45 Token Based Authentication in web API using Owin Middleware and Identity framework :Bearer Token Implementation
02:13 What is difference between Rest and Restful Web APIs? Rest Vs Restful in asp.net web API

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