Lead Carrot vs LeadSwift - Best LeadCarrot Alternative

In this video, we provide a Lead Carrot review and walkthrough. Lead Carrot is a cloud-based B2B lead generation platform that can capture local business leads from anywhere in the world. Lead Carrot captures basic information about these businesses (such as their name, business email address, phone number and website), whether their website has SSL enabled, whether the website is mobile responsive, its Google business listing, Google and Yelp ratings, whether the website has Google and Facebook pixels, Yelp/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter and YouTube URLs, as well as other statistics about their YouTube channel.

LeadCarrot integrates with HigherLevel CRM (a separate paid product), but otherwise, has no ability to do outreach or manage leads directly from within its dashboard. Lead Carrot doesn't capture employee contacts, tell you whether the business' website has SEO issues, allow you to search for custom HTML within websites, let you generate audit reports that can be sent to prospective clients, and a slew of other essential features for any agency lead generation.

We perform a search for "Restaurants in Toronto" on Lead Carrot, and find only 38 unique leads in the video. From these, email addresses were found for just 8 businesses. We then compare the results with LeadSwift, which finds a massive 3,805 restaurants in Toronto - including emails for 1,981 of those businesses, and over 62,000 email addresses in total!

LeadSwift is the #1 local B2B lead generation platform. Whether you're a website design agency looking for businesses that need a website, SEO agency looking for clients with website deficiencies, commercial lenders looking for construction companies, or literally anyone else looking to sell something to local businesses - LeadSwift is "THE" secret weapon you need.

With the click of a button, LeadSwift:

1. Finds local businesses
» Searching Google Maps, Yelp, YellowPages, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

2. Finds the business' email addresses
» From their website, social profiles, search engines, and even whois databases!

3. Analyzes their online presence
» Gathering their business ratings, social profiles, websites, and more!

4. Audits their website
» Whether they have SEO issues, are mobile responsible, page load times, etc.

5. Automates your outreach
» Letting you send personalized emails in bulk, including any follow-ups!

Ready for an unlimited supply of local B2B leads?
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