Lazy D&D Talk Show: D&D Errata, Kickstarter Blockchain, DDB Combat Tracker, Dungeon Craft Reviews

Mike talks about all things D&D! Note, I had some trouble with frame dropping but the audio is still good and it gets better in the video. Sorry!

Video Contents

00:00 Show Intro
00:45 Lazy DM's Companion Art and Maps Preview
03:53 D&D Errata and Feedback
17:39 Kickstarter and Blockchain - Ugh.
25:48 D&D Beyond Combat Tracker Automatically Includes Character Initiative!
31:45 Dungeon Craft Reviews Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master
33:45 RPG Spotlight on Index Card RPG
40:48 Patreon Questions
41:07 Patreon Question: Filling Empty Rooms
46:05 Patreon Question: Homebrewing Rest Mechanics
49:28 Patreon Question: One-line 5e Monster Stat Blocks?
51:44 Patreon Question: What's In the Lazy Player's Guide?
53:37 Patreon Question: Adding Fate-style Aspects to D&D Games
56:12 Patreon Question: Advice for Adventurer's League DMs?


D&D Errata

Kickstarter on Blockchain

Kickstarter Announces Blockchain Future, Doubles Down After Users Say 'No Thank You'

D&D Beyond Combat Tracker Auto-Tracking Character Initiative

Dungeon Craft Ultimate Dungeon Terrain

Dungeon Craft review of Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

Dungeon Craft spotlight on Index Card RPG

Index Card RPG Free Preview

Index Card Hardcover

Index Card Master Edition PDF

Index Card Essentials Deck

Lazy DM's Companion Free Preview (with Monument generators!)

Good Behaviors for D&D Players

Building a Great D&D Character

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