Law of Attraction and Self Worth | Manikandan Sundaresan

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00:00 King and his troubling view
01:13 We were just cleansing the view case glass
01:45 The perception that you hold up
02:10 We find fault too much
02:32 The Unrealistic Expectations for Rewards
04:16 The 5 Keys for becoming valuable
04:33 1st Key (Become Valuable) - Read whatever comes on your way
04:45 2nd Key (Become Valuable) - Get Mentors
04:56 3rd Key (Become Valuable) - Be Proud of your own skills - Nourish it or Deplete it
05:19 4th Key (Become Valuable) - Travel a Lot
05:32 He who sweats More in Training, bleeds Less in War
06:09 5th Key (Become Valuable) - Law of Attraction Practice
06:40 An Youngster is not taught to think huge
07:00 Deficiency Motivation
08:00 "Some Parents" do this
08:20 Why dont we go with the flow of Law of Attraction
09:15 Align with the Vibrational Match

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