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What exactly do politicians do in Parliament? Create laws and bills! Yes, really, that’s their job. Enjoy as Sarah explains how an idea becomes law and how you can have your say. Subscribe you know you want to.
This week on PMO, Sarah describes how laws are passed in Australian Parliament, using time-tested examples such as the Law and Order franchise and – of course - chocolate.

Sarah will take you through surveillance and sexual harassment bills already passed this year, and lay out all the steps it takes for a good (or bad) idea to become law.

She’ll explain all the people who have to give their tick of approval for legislation to pass, including someone not actually in Australia.

You can get involved in law making too. Click here for more details on how to lodge public submissions;


Sarah Ison takes you behind the scenes of Australia's parliament house, where she works as a press gallery journalist for The West Australian.

Having climbed the ropes of regional journalism, then jumped into the Perth newsroom, before leaping across the country onto The Hill, this outspoken 26-year-old remembers well what it can be like to not really “get” politics.

So every week, Sarah explains the big issues of Federal Parliament, the basics of parliament and how ridiculous the entire circus of it all can be.

Sarah also performs as a stand up comedian and is the co-host of the Bubble Pop podcast.

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