Launch of ‘The Future of Work and Disability - A Remote Opportunity’ research paper.

The Open Doors Initiative and Employers for Change partnered with Positive2Work Skillnet on commissioning research to examine the impact of remote working during Covid19 on people with disabilities.

The research lays out a number of leverage points that are based on the principles of connecting, learning and accommodating. The Open Doors Initiative and Employers for Change will take these learnings and engage with employers to ensure that we are addressing the needs of employers and employees with disabilities.

Christabelle Feeney, Director, Employers for Change
Joan O' Donnell, Doctoral Researcher, Maynooth University & Author of Research
David Joyce, Equality & Development Policy Officer, Irish Congress of Trade Unions
Alexis Goldfarb, Senior Consultant, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Vice-President at Northern Trust Corporation
Julianne Duffy Gillen, Young Adult Mentor, Explore Programme, Chime
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