Laravel Routing | Laravel 9 | Laravel tutorial | Learning Points

Laravel Routing | Laravel 9 | Laravel tutorial | Learning Points

All Laravel routes are defined in your route files, which are located in the routes directory. These files are automatically loaded by the framework.

This tutorial discussed on :
How to create route?
How to send extra parameter through route?
How to send optional parameter through route?
How web route creates?
How to access api route through postman?
How to add regular expression constraints in route?
How to set global constraints?
How to validate route with our condition?
How to create route group?
How to make a url such that which accept any kind of request?

Laravel, Laravel 9, Laravel Tutorial,

Already discussed about : Laravel Installation, laravel Files and folder structure.

In our upcoming video I will cover about Laravel controller, Laravel Views, Laravel component, Laravel blade features, Laravel Database connection, Laravel model, Laravel Migration, Laravel Joining clause, Left join, right join, inner join, cross join, advance join, subquery join, Conditional Clause, Laravel seeding, Laravel Faker, Laravel Pagination, Laravel eloquent relation, Laravel one to one relation, laravel one to many relation, laravel many to many relation, laravel crud application, laravel form validation and more topic on laravel 9.

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