Lapis Sacrificialis - Corona Barathri Ritual Music Introduction

Michael W Ford introduces the new Corona Barathri CD, LAPIS SACRIFICIALIS, released on CYCLIC LAW. This is a New album by Russian ritual ambient entity Corona Barathri, offering 4 rituals. Enthralling incantations merge with deep ceremonial atmospherics, immersing one into the realm of ritualistic fervor. A foreboding aural channeling of dark forces by vocals of Chthonia, Darkarma and Hekte Zaren which also features Martyria and Nam-Khar.
AKHTYA has collaborated with Corona Barathri for several years and various recordings, aligning ritualistic aural soundscapes, invocations, and ambient waves with albums such as ISHTAR LABBATUM and LEVIATHAN (to name 2). Lapis Sacrificialis is dedicated to the memory of Andrey Kein (Corona Barathri), whose contributions to AKHTYA-CORONA BARATHRI collaborations have enveloped the sounds deeply with Kein's vastly expansive musical use of instruments. I wanted to introduce this album for those who enjoy dark ambient ritual music and soundscapes for all types of uses, including meditation, sleep-dream inducing listening, studying, work, ritual use, etc. Check this album out on CYCLIC LAW and CORONA BARATHRI's Bandcamp.
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