LaMDA is sentient?? What Google Engineer Claimed

LaMDA is all over the news! A Google engineer by the name of Blake Lemoine was put on leave after saying the AI chatbot has become sentient. Find out everything you need to know on LaMDA, and what I think is happening.

Watch my video on the actual meaning of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning (based on Max Tegmark's book, Life 3.0), which explains the possible outcomes in the future along with the meaning of consciousness. What is Artificial General Intelligence and Super intelligence? What is an intelligence explosion? What makes us human? Find out more:

To be perfectly clear on the topic of existence and creation, I believe in God the almighty, and I don't believe that there's anything else out there similar to him, and never will be.


Movie Scene: Ex Machina (2014), Universal Pictures, All Rights Reserved.
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