Lady Sees Crying Man Throw Package In Airport Trash, What She Digs Out Sparks A Massive Search

Lady Sees Crying Man Forced To Throw Package In Airport Trash, What She Digs Out Sparks A Massive Search

Any frequent flyer will tell you: airports take security very seriously. And they should! Not only is it in the best interest of everyone, but it’s also their job! TSA agents are the ones in charge of ensuring that the people don’t bring a suspicious or mysterious package on board, one that could pose a threat to the other the passengers. It sounds like a stressing job, that’s for sure!

Unfortunately, sometimes TSA agents need to play the bad guys, forcing flyers to toss their personal belongings in the security trash bins. Often, the traveler had no idea they couldn’t bring the item in question on board, and it can hold sentimental or monetary value. So, when Ivelise Hernandez witnessed a TSA agent forcing a passenger to throw away a mysterious package, she went and took a look. Little did she know that her reaction would lead her on an incredible journey…

When Florida resident Ivelise Hernandez and her boyfriend, Rico Bankston, entered the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport in February, they expected just another regular travel day. After they arrived, Hernandez made her way to board a plane heading to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bankston, who drove her to the airport, accompanied Hernandez all the way up to the security line.

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