Labor Law & HR Forum Series - October 2021 - Employee Handbooks: A Key Component of Every Business

Employee Handbooks: A Key Component of Every Business

Businesses have an ever-increasing challenge of staying abreast of employment law changes and additional rights afforded to employees in the workplace. Many of those changes create obligations on the employer’s part to establish policies and to communicate those policies to employees. Defending claims brought by current or former employees often begins with demonstrating that the business has an up-to-date policy addressing the issue.

This presentation will cover the most important policies California employers should have in place in today’s business environment and explain why the policies are central to protecting the company. Daniel Klingenberger, attorney and partner at LeBeau-Thelen LLP, will cover key topics such as sick leave, leave of absence, meal and rest periods, pregnancy disability leave and unlawful harassment will be discussed.
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