LaaDetail - Under The Bus [Official Audio]

LaaDetail - "Under The Bus" [Official Audio]

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I came a long way, I came way to far to stop
Growing up ain't have enough, So now I'm trying to get a lot
Keep your head up and never let nobody take your spot
I work hard for this so I can't let you take nothing I got

No I can't let you take it so don't try that
Love is priceless, a million dollars can't buy that
No window shopping, if I want it 'Ima go cop that
You know how I'm rocking I bet them niggas can't top that
Surveillance cameras it's like everybody watching
I don't know who I can trust these niggas snaking and they plotting
They threw me under the bus I remember I ain't forgot it
I just want to be alone in the islands up in the tropics

It's too late I'm hard to reach now
They ain't believe in me but I promise they bout to see now
This is my career I can't do no features for free now
It's time to get this money I don't have no time to sleep now
I don't got to flex I ain't got to show it
It ain't no question you already know it
Wake up in the morning I thank my lord
I go make a song every time I'm bored
Declare the battle we can go to war
I'm a artist make me draw a sword
I don't got to steal 'Ima grind for it
My first car was a Ford Taurus
My life a book with a lot of stories
12 years old when I started rapping
No I ain't wasting no time, I want it so 'Ima go get it and make the shit happen
These bitches be in my business no interview questions she asking
Rest in peace to that blunt these niggas passing dump the ashes
Can't stop I won't stop I promise I will never quit
I had a dream that "Shan" set me up so I can't trust that bitch
It's money out there better get that shit
At the end of the month got to pay your rent
Lord forgive me for my sins I need to repent
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