Kyoto live stream

This year at Kyoto BitSummit is restricted to people who live in Japan and this is a hybrid event which means it’s happening live as well as streaming on several platforms.

This is an event that showcases Japanese Indy game developers while trying to connect it with western audiences and development partners.

Join me as I walk you through the exhibition floor, interview some developers and look at the cool swag they have. Make sure to say hi in the chat and to ask any questions you might have. Let’s have fun!



This video is NOT sponsored. Some of the product links are affiliate links, but I want to share the links if you have any questions about the gear I use to make these videos.

Here is a link to the gear I use:

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私と一緒に、展示会場を案内し、開発者にインタビューし、クールなグッズを見てみましょう。 チャットで挨拶したり、質問をしたりしてください。楽しみましょう
This stream is created with #PRISMLiveStudio
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