Kopari CEO Susan Kim on the Importance of Brand DNA and Top-of-Funnel Awareness | Earned Ep. 39

In Ep. 39 of Earned, Conor sits down with a true industry titan: Susan Kim. Now the CEO of fast-growing, coconut-powered skincare brand Kopari Beauty, Susan previously led the marketing divisions of influencer-favorite brands Huda Beauty and Benefit Cosmetics.

We start by learning about Kopari’s focus for 2022, and Susan shares why she’s prioritizing top-of-funnel brand awareness and articulating the brand’s DNA. We then dive into Susan’s global marketing experience at Benefit, hearing how it helped shape her approach to the diverse U.S. market. Next, we discuss Susan’s time at Huda Beauty, and she emphasizes the importance of understanding your community. Circling back to Kopari, Susan reveals the key opportunities that have contributed to the brand’s impressive growth. We explore Kopari’s strategies for driving organic awareness, and Susan explains why brands must build a strong foundation prior to testing out different tactics, before sharing her thoughts on traditional advertising. Finally, we hear about Susan’s authentic leadership style, and close the show by unpacking Kopari’s sustainability-focused rebrand.

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0:00 Intro
3:08 Kopari's Focus on Top-of-Funnel Brand Awareness
9:18 Why Susan Kim Pursued An MBA
16:03 The Importance of Understanding Consumer Dynamics
23:17 Why Huda Beauty Prioritized Community Building
27:54 How Kopari Achieved Impressive Growth
39:05 Susan Kim's Authentic Approach to Leadership

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