Know Your Rights: Disability Discrimination

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Webinar recorded on 16th September 2021

About this event

This workshop will equip attendees with an understanding of different the Equality Act 2010 with a focus on Disability discrimination in the workplace.

The Brief overview of the Equality Act 2010 + Disability discrimination is a webinar by Exceptional Individuals that discusses dyslexia and neurodiversity from a law, employment and advocacy-perspective in an engaging interactive way.


00:00 - Introduction/About Exceptional Individuals
00:44 - Know Your Rights: The Equality Act 2010/Legal Disclaimer
01:34 - Refresher of Equality Act 2010 webinar
05:33 - Know Your Rights: Disability Discrimination/Discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation
06:26 - Types of Discrimination/Direct Discrimination
08:55 - Comparators/Do you have a colleague with any of the following?
10:19 - Quote from EHRC
11:50 - ADHD Example
13:13 - Indirect Discrimination
15:35 - The 3 Criteria of Indirect Discrimination
18:21 - Autism Example
19:56 - Legitimate Aims
21:26 - Which one would count as Indirect Discrimination?
24:47 - Discrimination arising from a disability
26:04 - Autism and Depression Example
26:56 - Are any of these connected to your neurodivergent condition?
28:22 - Harassment Section 26/Harassment
30:28 - What would you consider 'Unwanted conduct?'
31:42 - Harassment Example
33:09 - Victimisation Section 27/Victimisation
34:47 - Which ‘Detriment' have you expected before?
37:00 - Victimisation Example
38:42 - Legal Disclaimer Recap
39:37 - Workplace Needs Assessments
42:55 - Any questions?
47:26 - Previous webinars/What happens next?
49:20 - End screen

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