KEY TERMS: "Employer Sanctions Provision" (Josephine Lee)

Presentations by: Monthly Review Press editor Michael Yates and Josephine Lee of Break the Chains Alliance, alongside JoAnne Lum of the Peter Kwong Immigrant Workers Learning Center.
Moderator: Scott Carter, Professor of Economics

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Michael Yates will give brief presentations outlining his book "Work Work Work." Josephine Lee will offer her on-the-ground perspective organizing with documented and undocumented workers, to begin the conversation. Both speakers will expand upon worsening workplace conditions across trades, such as those facing restaurant workers, cruise ship employees, farm laborers, poultry packers, hotel desk clerks, adjunct professors, etc, and the criminalization of a subordinate group of workers. Additionally, Lee will focus on the role the government plays in creating and maintaining this under-class as a tactic used to divide and control workers.

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The Peter Kwong Immigrant Workers Learning Center provides a space for working people across the country to analyze, question, debate, and learn from one another, bringing this back to their organizing work.

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The Break the Chains Alliance is a national effort to realize equal rights for all workers, starting with repealing employer sanctions provisions and ending the criminalization of immigrants.

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