Kevin Durant Reviews “Her Loss,” Talks LeBron, Guarding Luka, and More

After dropping a triple-double en route to beating the Knicks the night before, Kevin Durant and Eddie Gonzalez catch up at KD’s house. The Wizards crossover champ talks about the 21 Savage/Drake album, Washington Commanders ownership with Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos at the top of the list, new head coach Jacque Vaughn, Luka Dončić, playing against Lebron James, and the release of Black Panther Wakanda Forever. Lastly, Kevin has a personal message to Rihanna and SZA: “I’m sick of your shit, just drop the shit!”

Chapter markers for visibility
0:00 Intro
1:28 Kevin talks about, “Her Loss”
5:23 Drake Apollo Show
8:42 Washington Commanders Ownership Jay-Z & Jeff Bezos
10:50 NFL Season
13:13 Nets Head Coach Jacque Vaughn
15:13 Luka Doncic
19:34 KD Technical Foul
20:26 KD vs. Lebron
23:00 Black Panther Wakanda Forever
24:09 38 Spesh
25:26 SZA & Rihanna
26:50 Road Games: LA, Portland
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