June 6, 2022 Bloomington City Council Meeting

June 6, 2022 Bloomington Minnesota City Council Meeting

0:00:00 Start

0:05:14 1 Approval of Agenda
0:07:18 2.1 Swearing In of New Officers
0:15:51 2.2 Introduction of New Employees
0:23:13 2.3 Pride Month Proclamation
0:31:41 Consent Business
0:42:37 3.1 Resolution to Accept Donations
3.2 200 West 98th Street Redevelopment - Conditional Use Permit and Final Site and Building Plans for Automated Car Wash
3.3 Award Contract - Professional Architectural and Engineering Services
3.4 Resolution of Support of Maintenance Agreement with MNDOT and Burnsville for Maintenance Responsibilities of the Trail on the I-35W
0:32:34 3.5 Approve Plans and Specifications for the 2022-401/402 Girard Lake Park Parking Lot & Dred Scott Trails Improvement Project
3.6 Approve Purchase of Scheduled Replacement Ladder Truck
3.7 Park Project Planning Service Agreement
3.8 Resolution Accepting HIDTA Program Grant Funds and Making Related Budget Adjustment
3.9 Approve Landbridge Ecological Agreement
3.10 SAC Small Business Citywide Credit Policy
3.11 Minor Amendment to the SAC Small Business Deferral Program
3.12 Accept Plans and Specifications for the Storm Sewer Maintenance Project (2022-901)
3.13 Approval of the Assignment and Assumption of City of Bloomington Lease
3.14 Resolution of Support of an Active Transportation Planning Assistance Grant Application
3.15 Amendment #5 to 2022 Full-Time Non-Union & Part-Time, Temporary, and Seasonal Compensation Plans
3.16 Approve Out-of-State Travel Expenses - City Council
3.17 Establish Juneteenth as a City of Bloomington Holiday
3.18 Approval of City Council Meeting Minutes
0:44:04 4.1 Public Hearing: Code Amendment - Multifamily Parking Standards
1:26:46 5.1 Earned Sick and Safe Leave Ordinance
2:27:30 5.2 2022 Cultural Arts Support Grants Funding Recommendations
2:48:39 5.3 City Council Policy & Issue Update
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