Juanita Coulson - a Fan History Zoom Session with Joe Siclari (part 2)

In part 2, Juanita talks more about fandom in the 60s and beyond There are stories of filk and its evolution, Filthy Pierre, her appearance as General Jinjur of Oz, and the quirky story of Gene Wolfe and the jacket shot. She recounts the start of her professional writing career, with the mentorship and encouragement of Marion Zimmer Bradley, and receiving this note from first reader Terry Carr: "In the immortal words of Lee Hoffman, you have lost your return postage". She speaks about women in science fiction fandom, the difference that Star Trek made, and getting lost in the basements of the St. Louiscon (1969) hotel. There are a lot of stories to tell, and after 70 years, Juanita is still a fan. Fandom is home.

Thanks to Mowgli Assor for his help in making this interview happen. For more Fan History, subscribe to this channel. There's much more at FANAC.org (including issues of Yandro), and also check out fancyclopedia.org
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