Jordan Peterson — David Bohm Interview

In this simulated interview, we took the questions that were recently put to Sir Roger Penrose by Jordan Peterson and found fitting material of Bohm's to use to answer them. We did this because these questions were one's that Bohm, also a theoretical physicist and a colleague of Penrose, had considered deeply and put forward original answers to (and Bohm and Penrose explored in different directions so these answers complement the excellent ones that Penrose already provided).

00:00 Introduction
00:36 A quote about David Bohm by Sir Roger Penrose
00:48 A quick note on Kurt Gödel
01:17 Question 1: Is Consciousness mechanical (algorithmic/computational) in its Nature?
15:49 Question 2: What is the function (or structure or purpose) of consciousness?
29:28 Questions 3: Questions about time, inconsistencies in quantum theory, observation without an observer, and the Schrödinger equation.
42:34 Truth and morality?
53:59 Is there a culture that will help humans to have a deep realization?
57:27 Addendum: Here were touch on the differences between Peterson and Bohm and put forward Bohm's fundamental proposal as to the cause of the root cause of incoherence in human culture.
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