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In this video we have covered the basics and job opportunities in Switzerland a central European country. The details are as follows
Facts about Switzerland & why it suits Indians and other immigrants?
Where is Switzerland located?
Total Population of Switzerland including foreign immigrants
Total Area of Switzerland.
Administrative Languages of Switzerland and English Speaking Population details.
Climate conditions of Switzerland and how it suits Indians and other foreigners?
Currency used in Switzerland
Switzerland Economy and Major Industries Contributes its Job Market
Types if Visas in Switzerland for Indians and other nationals.
Living expense details given about Switzerland.
Room Rent for 1BHK and Monthly Utility Bill details
Shared Accommodation/Co-living.
Monthly Food Expenses details given about Italy.
Details given about cost of Public Transportation & Daily Pass, Monthly Pass and Yearly Pass details.
Mobile Recharge charges in Switzerland
Current Job opportunities in Switzerland with salary details given.(Sample Jobs with job portal details given)
Know How to apply for directly using Switzerland and Indian job portals?
Please watch the video without skipping so that you can get a good idea about Switzerland and its current job opportunities.
Thank you for your time.

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