Job success || subliminal

This sub has no negative affirmations!
LGBTQ+ friendly
POC friendly

Mr lover man- Ricky Montgomery

♡ Booster included
♡ get ideal job
♡ get high paying job
♡ find high paying jobs easily
♡ get a raise/promotion easily
♡ get great job opportunities
♡ get hired easily
♡ be confident and charismatic during interviews
♡ get along well with co workers
♡ get recognition on how well you do in work

The affirmations are more detailed but I’m very ill and tired so I didn’t write them all out

♡ How long will it take?
Depending on your mindset it may take shorter or longer
♡ How much should I listen?
As much as you want (2+ times a day preferred)
♡ Do I need to wear headphones?
No but it is recommended
♡ Are the results permanent?
Yes they are!
♡ Do you take requests?
Yes I do

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