[ Job Searching Q&A ] Should I quit my job before I have a new job?

Should I quit my job before I have a new job?

You've been asking yourself, "should I quit my job before having a new one?" and the answer is not always clear-cut.

Regardless of whether you’re considering quitting your job or not, it is important to take into account all aspects and consequences of this action before making such an informed decision.

There are many pros for both quitting your job as well as continuing with what one has currently been doing; however, there are also some cons worth mentioning too!

However, there's no need to stress out over this decision as it depends on your specific situation! So let’s take some time together to answer these questions:

Are you confident that you'll find a new job quickly?
If you're confident that YOU will find another position quickly, then go for it because otherwise, it could be risky if you are unsure about finding work within a period of time/places where jobs exist at all.

How much money do you have saved up?
If not much is stored away in your savings account just yet and there are still several months left until retirement or unemployment benefits run out quitting might seem like a good idea now but what happens when these funds dry up? Will you need yet another job change before securing our financial stability forevermore?

What are the pros and cons of quitting your job?
The pros and cons of quitting vary based on the individual but there are some common things people think about when deciding whether or not they want to leave their current position at work: what will happen with my salary? Do I have enough time for other obligations like family/friends outside activities without feeling guilty over neglecting them because all focus seems directed toward just getting through each day as quickly as possible so we don't lose our homes etc.?

In general, if you're confident in your job search and have enough money saved up, then quitting your job may be the right decision for you. However, if you're not sure or don't feel safe quitting your job, then it might be best to wait until you have a new one lined up.

Finally, if you're not sure about quitting your job or feel uncomfortable with the idea of leaving then maybe it's best to wait until something better comes along.

If you are considering searching for a new job, I welcome you to grab time on my calendar for a complimentary consultation to discuss your job search and how I am able to assist you to land your dream job. I will put the link for my calendar in the comments. I look forward to speaking with you.


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