Job Search Trends to Follow in 2022

Following a challenging few years globally due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies have moved to a permanent remote operation. Therefore, the way jobseekers are looking for work has drastically changed also.

So, to help you navigate your job search, we consulted Sophie Milliken, Managing Director at SRS Recruitment and Employability Experts who was able to offer some expert advice on how to job search in 2022. She goes into detail on the latest trends as well as tips on what employers will be looking for.

Looking for more advice? Check out this article on how to job search during the pandemic: https://bit.ly/3tt6SYP

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00:00 Introduction
00:12 What job search trends do we expect to see in 2022?
01:06 Will job seekers and recruiters be focusing more on remote positions?
02:08 How can job seekers better prepare for remote positions?
03:19 What tips should graduates follow searching for a job in 2022 with little to no experience?
04:19 Which skills will be in high demand in 2022?

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