Job Search Tips

This 30-minute presentation covers all the necessary steps needed to ensure your job search efforts are successful. Job search continues to change, are you on top of your game?

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:23 Agenda
00:01:04 Identify Career Goals
00:02:51 Career Assessments
00:06:09 Career Exploration
00:06:24 Informational Interviews
00:07:48 Prepare & Plan
00:10:30 Resume Assistance
00:12:04 Skill Building
00:12:28 Create a Plan
00:12:59 Online Job Boards
00:18:20 Trends
00:22:12 Networking
00:23:49 Elevator Speech
00:25:20 Tips
00:25:58 Recap
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