Job Search Tips 2022 - Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting - Part 5

Job Search Tips 2022- Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting - Part 5
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These job search tips are are of a series to transform you from being an OLD-SCHOOL job seeker or NEW-SCHOOL jobseeker.

In this series of job search tips, we will explore some of the modern job search strategies 2022 that will accelerate your results.

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If you want to undertake an effective job search and stand out while job hunting, these modern job search tips are for you!

Have you submitted your resume and cover letter countless times and you still don’t have a job offer you want?

Do you want job search tips that can accelerate your job search and help you land your dream job?

If so, this series of videos is for you!

Part 1 - How you start looking for jobs
Part 2 - The way you market yourself
Part 3 - Applying Online
Part 4 - Not being systematic
Part 5 - Doing the Expected
Part 6 - Not bringing the opportunities to you

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